Great Scott!!!
Great Scott!!!

While I wholeheartedly loved the "F" column (Fire, Ferrari = potato, potahtoh), I'd like to make a suggestion. You have a budget of $70,000 (let's be realistic, you'd find that one car and talk yourself into a $10,000 increase), and there are plenty of cars out there for under that price. How about you buy two cars?

Let me explain. You could purchase a car suggested by Jalops/Oppos for say $45,000 - $50,000. Then you could buy a $10,000 - $15,000 older car as well. The purpose is twofold. While you would be posting about one car and all the intricacies, you could use the older car and focus more on maintenance, repairs, and the carefree attitude of owning an older (not necessarily less nice) car and not caring about door dings, leaving it on the street, using valet parking, etc.


I think it is worth considering. That, and it would give you double the writing material. And I skirted every requirement except maybe the single car garage (see: street parking).

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